My journey began at Yale and took me to Emerson College, where I received a master's degree in Publishing & Writing. I focused on workshopping novels, the editor-writer relationship, and book publishing—everything from copy-editing to design and publicity.


During my education, I fell in love with a man named Maxwell Perkins … and not just because we share a name. I loved everything about his work ethic and envied the relationship he had with his authors. Known as the first “authors’ editor,” he gave close and detailed attention to each manuscript and often acted as a coach, friend, and promoter. His personal approach and editing style inspired me to follow in his footsteps.

I’ve had the honor of working as an authors’ editor for the past fifteen years, helping writers such as K. Bromberg, Jewel E. Ann, Kate McCarthy, Kennedy Ryan, L.J. Shen, Terri Anne Browning, and Tara Sivec hit USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and the New York Times best-seller lists with my perfectionist nature and keen sense for marketability.

While working with so many talented people, something Maxwell Perkins had said never left the back of my mind: “A publisher’s first allegiance is to talent. And if we aren’t going to publish a talent like this, it is a very serious thing.”

As an agent, my goal is to deliver the very best talent into the publisher's hands.



 Maximus Literary is dedicated to discovering talent, nurturing careers, and championing authors



Each client receives individual attention and hands-on support.

Regular communication cultivates personal relationships. ​​


Every manuscript is looked over with an editorial eye.

Feedback and suggestions are made to ensure the very best product is presented to publishers. 


Representing the client's best interests, from signing the very first contract to a best-selling career. 

Every detail is covered from royalties to subsidiary rights, including film—television and foreign rights. 




Although I've always been envious of the Perkins-Hemingway relationship, I'm unable to correspond via thousands of hand-written letters! In an effort to be as green as possible, I do not accept hard copies. Any hard copies received will be recycled without being read. If you wish to submit a query, please click the submit button below. 

Send me: Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, True Crime, Mystery-Suspense, Cozy Mysteries, Horror, Gothic Romance, Historical Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Upmarket Romance, New Adult, Young Adult/Middle-grade Fiction, and Non-fiction Pop Culture 


Format subject line: Query_Your Last Name_Title_Genre_Word Count

Include a full synopsis and the first two chapters of your manuscript pasted into the body of the email. Unsolicited attachments will not be opened.

Query letter must state whether you have been represented by a literary agent in the past and if the manuscript has been self-published or been sent out on submission to publishers.

Any queries that do not adhere to the instructions will be discarded without consideration.




Thanks for submitting!

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